Our Team

Sylvain and Marie-Pierre Guillemot, owners of the Auberge du Pont d’Acigné
In the kitchen, Sylvain (Head Chef), Thomas (1st Second), Jeremy B (Vegetables and 2nd Second), Jeremy G (Starters), Pierre and Amandine (Pâtisserie), Pierr-Marie et Célestin (Apprentice Pâtisserie), Antony (Apprentice Cuisine), Sebastian (Dishwasher)
In the front of house, Marie-Pierre (Restaurant Manager), Isabelle (Chief Sommelier), Yann (Maître d’hôtel), Jordan (Sommelier), Hoël (Apprentice waiter), Marine (Apprentice Waitress), Aymeric (Apprentice Waiter).
In the grounds, Gérard (Gardener)

Thank you to all our team, who are young, dynamic, motivated and drive us to perform daily