Sylvain Guillemot

Sylvain Guillemot has always advocated the importance of quality products, the strength of interchanges and the power of encounters…
His first big break was under the Michelin-starred Rennes chef Marc Tison. Then at La Roche-Bernard under two starred Jacques Thorel, where he learnt the importance of wine and food pairings. He then joined the 3-starred Alain Passard at L’Arpege in Paris where he went from a commis to second in less than 3 years. Marie Pierre was already in the front of house…
The couple, in their early twenties, decided to embark on their own project. Sylvain Guillemot wanted to return to his native Brittany. They had no support, but a long-term dream. They found their inspiration in 1995, at Noyal-sur-Vilaine on the outskirts of Rennes, by the water’s edge, surrounded by greenery…

In conjunction, this kitchen and front of house duo, built their establishment. After 10 years, in 2005 they achieved their first Michelin star. “We didn’t expect anything more,” says Sylvain frankly, .  He describes himself as a “locavore chef, out of necessity” or an “Ayatollah of produce” who found a treasure trove in Brittany, the greenhouse of France. For years, he has wandered through markets, fields, and farms, to find the key producers. He created links with the appropriate partners, working in conjunction to obtain different, good quality products and results. “Thanks to them, I have access to ingredients that are found nowhere else. Every discovery has opened doors as creativity grows constantly. It is very important lesson for young restaurateurs. As chefs; we must defend our producers, but beyond that we must defend the methods of production”, says Sylvain Guillemot, who holds the title of President at the “Tables et Saveurs de Bretagne” association, which brings together over 40 of Brittany’s most talented chefs.
All this inspires his signature “Cuisine of the Moment”, Sylvain Guillemot speaks more freely about his wife and “ the fabulous work that she has done at creating an original wine list that is in synergy with the cuisine” “The most important thing is harmony”.
After 19 years, we are still writing our story, the one that belongs to us.


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